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Hello and Welcome.

A&A Update
Event Code: LIAA06

With the rate of change in today’s regulatory environment, you must stay current on all the topics impacting the profession. With a focus on the big picture, you’ll learn everything you need to know to be up-to-date on the year’s accounting and auditing activities. We’ll discuss a wide breadth of topics while focusing on what you need to know now about each new development.

Discussion Leader

Samuel Monastra – Werner-Rocca Seminars, Ltd.

IMPORTANT Instructions:

Please pay attention to the event codes that will appear on screen.

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This is the only way you will receive credit for this course.

LIAA06 Attendee Information

  • Attendance Codes

    During the presentation, you will be provided 8 numeric codes on screen. Please select the matching codes below.

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John Peterson
Speaker must repeat all questions or give the attendee the microphone.
It would be EXTREMELY helpful if the speaker would repeat the questions from the audience so we know what he's responding to
Melissa Gable
We apologize that you have been unable to hear the questions. We will get this rectified.
Melissa Gable
We have asked the speaker to repeat questions. What you have been unable to hear are comments, not actual questions containing content.
what if situations change two years into a lease and now you do believe that it is reasonably certain that you will take advantage of a lease extension (when you previously had felt that it was not reasonably certain) ? How does that get captured in the financial records, or does it?
anonymous 2020
please repeat the answer for the % of sales determination for the lease and how that is trreated
what if lease charged is higher than fmv on a related party lease
John Peterson
is anyone else having an issue with the sound?
James McDermott
Lost sound on stream
anonymous 2020
sound is in and out
No sound
Elaine Gibson
I had to refresh to get sound back
ADMIN Jeff Jenkins
Audio back up! Let me know how it sounds.
no audio here
James McDermott
Working now. Thanks.
ADMIN Jeff Jenkins
Try refreshing the page.
ADMIN Jeff Jenkins
I apologize everyone, the audio here is very temperamental. I am keeping a close eye on it for you!
anonymous 2020
2018-11 is for non-public companies just a year later?
What is the discount rate that he is using on his present value calculation.
what about giving away football tickets in a lottery to generate leads for a sales business
James McDermott
Are we back? Clock shows 2:00 overtime on break
John Peterson
no audito
no sound again
totally crashed for ~3 minutes - back now
My internet went down for a moment and when I came back my attendance codes were no longer entered. I did not write down code #5 earlier. What was it?
James McDermott
Anon # 1441 #5 was 73.
Thank you!
Thank you.
Rebecca Richardson